Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Listen Non-Nigerians!!

Stop trying to guess who I am

Stop trying to tell me what I am not

I rock the same brown skin that you’re in

So you have no rights to call me a thing.

I was born into an African home which makes me Nigerian

You cannot imagine the things I have done, talk less of seen

Look, I see right through you

You expert on me with your fake African accent

You expert on me with your fake African mindset

So what your ancestors are Africans

So what you read about us on the internet

That makes you an expert on who I am?

SCREW YOU! What the heck do you know about being Nigerian?

What do you know about all my tribes?

All you do is feel it and say “yeah I feel the vibe”

Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo which one do you know?

All you do us watch me speak my language, and laugh cuz you think it’s a show

Well I don’t blame you, not at all

You haven’t had the experience to slip and fall on hard floor.

What do you know about edikainkong and ila asepo

You don’t know how it feels to use your fingers to eat eba and soup that draws

Maybe you have the experience to use your hand to eat fries

That’s why most of you are obese at the age of 5

Step into my country; let me show you how to enjoy good food

How to savor every kind of food with just a few chews.

How dare you bring your ignorant self before me?

Asking me stupid questions from a-z

“Do you guys have wild animals running around like on TV?

Do you guys walk around naked or have clothes on like you and me?”

You are such a bloody idiot

Why don’t you also ask if In my country, the sun rises and sets

Or maybe you should ask if I am as stupid as you

You make me so mad I just want to slap you.

You don’t know anything about hard work

You sit in your bed, remain on the internet and listen as the clock tics and tocs

Have you ever had the experience to walk on the streets with bread or fruits on your head

Hoping that after the days work, you will be able to sleep in peace in your bed

Well I bet you don’t know anything about that

All you do is complain, open your mouth and speak crap.

What do you know about living without electricity for days

When exams come we do nothing but stare real hard and gaze

We stare and gaze with dim candle lights

We even share this light with our peers and hope we don’t get in a fight.

This is just to name a few

If you have guts come and walk in my shoes

You think it’s easy to just sit and complain

How about for once live in my country for just one day.

For the rest of your life you would appreciate what you got

And after these never step up to me thinking you got guts!

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